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A brief study on working of Medical billers?

Medical billers and coders usually work forty regular office hours from Monday through Friday on a desk in the billing office or billing department of the professional healthcare office. They must know the different methods of billing patients, understand various collection methods, ethical and legal implications have a good working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, medical billing and claims form completion, and coding.

They also must understand database management, spreadsheets, electronic mail, and possess state-of-the-art word processing and accounting skills, be proficient in bookkeeping, and be able to type at a speed of at least 45 words-per-minute.

The work area of medical billers and coders usually is in a separate area away from the patients and public eye. However, even though they are not involved in the actual process of doctors and healthcare professionals providing medical care they need to possess excellent customer service skills when it comes to making contact with clients, insurance companies, and often patients. Medical billers must know how to explain charges, deal with criticism, give and receive feedback, be assertive, and communicate effectively without becoming confused as the person is asking questions. Patients can quickly become frustrated when trying to deal with healthcare providers and bills over the phone.

While an increasing amount of patient care is being funded through HMO (Health Managed Organizations) related insurance, where the patient makes a small co-payment at the time of service and the doctor bills the managed care company for the balance, a number of patients still need to make arrangements to pay for their medical services over a period of time. Part of the medical biller and coder's job is to contact some of these patients from time to time regarding a past due bill. Incoming calls from patients who have questions regarding a bill are also directed to the medical biller's office. The way s/he communicates over the phone can make or break business relationships.

Other specialties closely related to the medical billing profession are:

• Medical Coders/Coding Specialists
• Patient Account Representatives
• Electronic Claims Processors
• Billing Coordinators
• Reimbursement Specialists
• Claims Assistant Professionals
• Medical Claims Analysts
• Medical Claims Processors
• Medical Claims Reviewers
• Medical Collectors

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