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AR Analysis - Step 5 & 6

Step Five: Identification and Execution of Corrective Action

Once issues or problems have been identified the AR analyst initiates action to resolve them. Issues may be forwarded to one or more departments, or to the client, depending on the nature of the issue. Complete resolution of an issue may require inputs or actions from more than one department.

Analysts issue forward’s request to the concerned departments for issue resolution. Issues that require inputs or actions from the client are forwarded to the client. For instance,

• To clarify claim issues, check on status of claims or obtain carrier billing information, the analyst issues work orders to AR Callers.

• A corrected claim that must be resubmitted is forwarded to the claims department.

• Write-offs, adjustments and actions to resolve overpayments requests are initiated to the cash department, while charge entry errors are corrected by the charge department.

Step Six: Identification of Uncollectible AR

Details of outstanding claim balances that the analyst considers uncollectible, and which may thus have to be written-off, are forwarded to the client for decision making. Details of outstanding claims, where collections efforts have fail due to non-cooperation or lack of response from payers or liable parties, are also forwarded to the client. Such accounts may be moved to a collection account. A collection agency then resumes the collection activity.

These are the 6 steps which are involved in AR Analysis which will help all the billers alot to resolve the AR.

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