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Medical Billing Books - Important Considerations Before Buying

Medical Billing Books - Important Considerations Before Buying

If you search the Internet for Medical Billing books, the choice can be overwhelming and it's hard to separate the pretenders from the experts.
Not only are conventional books available from traditional sources, but ebooks are becoming even more popular as you can download your book in electronic form instantly. These are typically in PDF format but can also be in standard word processing format.

The Author

Probably the most important consideration when purchasing a billing book online is the source. Before you rush and click on the "Add To Cart" or "Buy It Now" button, examine the credentials of the author. Any reputable author should share their credentials and accomplishments.

Whats their background? Do they have extensive experience in the profession or are they just trying to sell something? If they have to rave about how much of an expert they are, that may be a warning sign. If someone is successful in their field, their record will reflect it.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It's hard to find one comprehensive billing book that covers all the topics in the field adequately. All the topics in billing can't be condensed to fit in one book and provide any real substance or useful information.

To learn about the basics of the profession, an introductory book should include:

    * Claim processing - Deductibles, Co-Pays, & Co-Insurance
    * Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Insurance
    * Commonly used forms
    * Medicare and Medicaid, Workers Comp HMO's, and PPO's
    * Reading and Understanding EOB's (Explanation of Benefits)
    * Patient Billing
    * Aging reports and working accounts receivables
    * Terms commonly used
    * HIPAA
    * Training and what you need to know
    * What ICD diagnosis and CPT procedure codes are and how they are used in medical billing

An introductory book on the subject should include a good description of the billing process, responsibilities, and what to expect.


If wanting to start a home business, get a book written by someone who has started a successful billing business or currently operates one. Their advice will be a lot more valuable than someone who writes a book about starting a business and tries to apply it to medical billing. The unique challenges and character of the medical billing business can only be explained by someone who has experienced it.

For useful information on starting a business, a medical billing book should at least cover:

    * Contracts (this could be a separate book in itself)
    * How much you can expect to make
    * Whats necessary to start a business
    * Pricing your services
    * Software, electronic claim filing, and the clearinghouse
    * Business plan

Marketing Your Services

Marketing a medical billing business is a topic worthy of a book on its own.It's important to find a good source for marketing ideas if starting a business.

Getting a client - this one is very important. One of the biggest challenges when starting a medical billing

business is convincing a doctor to give your billing service a chance. What are the credentials of the author? Have they operated a successful business? Do their techniques seem realistic or is it just a thinly veiled attempt to get you to buy a "Business Opportunity", training program, or overpriced practice management software.

Marketing books should cover:

    * Innovative marketing techniques
    * How to find clients and what they want to hear
    * What to say when you meet with a doctor or office manager
    * What services to offer to distinguish you from the competition

In summary if you want to learn about all the different facets of billing, obtain books from a credible source and plan on using multiple resources to reach your career objectives - be it to get a steady job or start a business.
Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments and suggestion.

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